Fitness & Nutrition

The way you “do” fitness, is the way you “do” life.

With our coaching you will get results not just with your health and wellness but you will also be held accountable to achieve results in the other areas of your life.

Is your commute the reason you can’t spend enough time with your family or working out? Does your stressful job keep you up at night so you never feel rested? Do you have a habit of eating late at night? Do you drink too much coffee? I

Life is all interconnected. How you show up at work is how you show up for yourself.

We want to teach you the basics, create healthy movement patterns, build confidence and for you to thrive in an everyday, demanding life. We want to work along side you, find your weaknesses and make those weaknesses your strengths so you become the best version of yourself.

what you CAN EXPECT


Fitness Program

After each check in your coach will customize you a new fitness program to execute. This program will be specifically designed to accommodate the time you have stated you want to dedicate towards your fitness, the equipment you have available, any mobility restrictions you are experiencing and will push you to build the strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular base needed to move towards your goals.

Goal and Results Coaching

Our coaching is built to consider all the other areas of your life that impact your health. You will have weekly goals that may include sleep, water, meditation, home organization, personal and work relationships, rest, mobility, adventure, education and self talk.

Nutritional Coaching

We are here to teach life long nutritional habits that will allow you to achieve your goals and have the confidence to maintain it. We can use a combination of practices (portion tracking, weigh and measuring, macronutrients) to learn portion control and have the ability to fuel your body and freedom to enjoy life. Calories in and Calories out are not a 1 size fits all program. Learning to fuel your life and make healthy choices


You will have a consistent check in schedule with your coach. Before each Check-In you will fill out the Check-In form. During your 30 minute video or phone meeting you will update your coach and receive guidance, suggestions and accountability.



How it works:

  1. Book your free consultation.
  2. Pay for your package.
  3. Fill out the intake questionnaire so your coach can understand your history and the goals you’re working towards.
  4. Meet with your coach via video or phone.
  5. Plan your work, and work your customized fitness and plan to move you towards your goals.

Things we consider or want to know:

  • Is there a dietary program you currently follow?
  • What fitness equipment do you have available?
  • Have you ever tracked your food in the past?
  • Are there classes you still want to attend?
  • Do you want to get into a sport?
  • Are you currently pregnant?
  • Are you interested in completing a triathlon or an endurance event?
  • Are you looking to loose weight?



Don’t need as much guidance? This is a once a month program that you follow at home or in the gym.

unREASONable Results

Want to transform all the areas of your life? A new group is starting in July of 2021!

Let’s take action beyond the edge of your reasons.