Thrive Workshops & Classes


Instructor: Ashley Fawks

What is something you’re afraid of? Is that holding you back? In this workshop we will focus less on teaching and more on bringing light to the dark areas that can overwhelm and eventually, control us. Do not let your fears have that much power. Let’s have a beautiful discussion how you are more than what you are afraid of.

Essential Oils

Instructor: Breanne Anderson

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit.Want to learn how to use essential oils? Have oils and not sure what to do with them? Join us as we explore the many benefits of essential oils and how they can help manage stress and anxiety.

You can Live your Dream:

Instructor:Austen Scheumann 

 Learn how to turn your dreams into reality. We will be discussing fundamental steps towards accomplishing anything you set your mind too, and the science behind how it works. Are you ready for massive growth in 2019? It’s time to take action!


Instructor: James Wesson 

James Wesson, known around the Quad-Cities as “The Yoga Guy”, will be leading us through a session of Vinysa Yoga. In this class, students will coordinate movements with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Flexibility is not required,only the ability to try and be respectful to your body.

Find your Beacon – “What is your why”: 

Instructor: Slater Murphy

As a Raving, Bodybuilding, Chiropractor; the entirety of my purpose is designed around narrowing the gap between The Present and The Potential. Intensity through Action is the bridge to that enhanced reality. Enter to learn how.

Crystals 101

Instructor: Grace Brunette

Does the shimmering beauty of crystals catch your eye?  Have you ever asked, “Why carry a rock around?” or “What can crystals do for me?” During this class we will have a conversation about the real life uses for crystals You will experience first hand the story and uses behind different crystals and how you can use them to maximize stress reduction and living with as much energy as possible.  Let’s get together and connect with some of nature’s most beautiful natural treasures.

Meal Prep Mastery: 

Instructor: Raschel Biagioli

Learn how to maximize your time during the week by mastering mealpreparation on the weekends. During this workshop you will walk away with tipsto make healthy meals all week long so you can be prepared to take on”Monday”.

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We have openings for additional practitioners to present at Thrive, email to learn more today.