Tag: Mindfulness

my own friend

Becoming more aware of the inner chatter and then having the power and courage to stand up to the voices of criticism, guilt, and shame.

Mental Reps

Your body is incredibly adaptable. Your mind is inexplicably powerful. Put those two together and watch the fireworks.

Well-Being Workshop Instructors

Who are you instructors at the 2020 Well-Being workshop?

Soul with a body

You are not the body, the vessel is where you live.

Shit Not Going My Way

The day that kept spiraling down until I surrendered.


The physical manifestation of your internal thoughts.

Why a gratitude list

Create more of what you want by being grateful right now.

What is anxiety?

Set yourself free, define the feeling and get into action.

Fear and Love

Fear and love cannot be mixed together. They are like oil and water. They don’t mix. Could it be, that the fear you feel is just a place where love is not?