Tag: funny

Shit Not Going My Way

The day that kept spiraling down until I surrendered.

Pimp grandma: Camel Toe

70+ and still worried about camel toe, one of my favorite Pimp-Grandma stories

Pimp grandma: Wrinkle Cream

Telling the pimp grandma the truth

Hairball on the street

A gross cat and hilarious blonde moment.

Make up your mind already

He may have had the body from the movie 300, but the back and forth just was not meeting my standards.

The List

Finding “the one” one bullet point at a time

After intimacy, he changed.

Get ready for a pep-talk about making him rise to your standards.

The breakup that made me cry … from laughing

I still laugh to this day.

Just… Put a Fork In It

Just… Fill in the blank. He had so many highs and then decided to just leave (in a humorous way).