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she is art.

Be the stand for her fierce.


The physical manifestation of your internal thoughts.

Love Knows No Bounds

Love is like play dough in an open hand.

The way you do fitness, is the way you do life.

The way you do fitness, is the same way you do life. How are you showing up?

Fear is Excitement without Breath

Fear is holding you back! Take a breath, feel the excitement and take the unreasonable action.


My go-to mixture for high volume, protein packed pancakes!
34C | 3F | 40P | 6Fib

Pimp grandma: Wrinkle Cream

Telling the pimp grandma the truth

Fear of Failure = Sabotage

It is amazing what fear does inside your head and then how you act it out unconsciously.

To those who wait

Please do not wait, take the leap!

The List

Finding “the one” one bullet point at a time