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Love Knows No Bounds

Love is like play dough in an open hand.

The way you do fitness, is the way you do life.

The way you do fitness, is the same way you do life. How are you showing up?

It is all in the context

It is amazing how our way of being will change in fear of looking bad. And it is all in the context that you are putting around the relationship.

Ready for the real reflection?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am not ready to see what you have to say

Pimp grandma: Wrinkle Cream

Telling the pimp grandma the truth

The Toddler

When I needed a partner and I needed a man he became a toddler.

To those who wait

Please do not wait, take the leap!

The List

Finding “the one” one bullet point at a time

After intimacy, he changed.

Get ready for a pep-talk about making him rise to your standards.

How to Manifest

Getting what you want/ need/ expect.