Edgeless Action

Take action beyond the edge of reason.

Discover what possibilities are available for you beyond limits, beliefs, considerations, rules and boundaries.

Do all the things.



Get unreasonable, unREASONable results.

Your mindset is all you can control and with coaching, guidance and practice you can soar to new levels with the results you get out of your life. After your limits are identified we can take action on the edge of your reasons.

Transform your relationships, family, friends, home, health, finances, travel / experiences, career, spirituality, free time, and your dreams into reality.

Goal-Setting and Action

Health and Fitness

Meditation and Breath-work

Hiring an organizational coach or accountability coach can alleviate the stress of where to start. Systems and processes are customized to your needs and the way YOU work in your homes.




Your external spaces are a direct reflection of your internal space. Your internal chatter shows in your external spaces. You can clean up and organize your house, office or work flow in order to bring your internal chatter to a quiet space.




A coach is someone that ensures you see what you don’t want to see and hear what you don’t want to hear so you can have the life you didn’t know you could have. Our fitness and nutrition coaching is customized to your lifestyle, equipment and goals.

How you approach fitness, is how you approach life.

We bring a holistic approach to your wellness. Yes, we will prescribe a fitness program and nutrition to fit your goals and expect to also have massive results in all areas of your life.


Healthy recipes that are quick and easy for you and your family. Customize the ingredients to determine the quantity you need.


Shift your perspective to empower your personal growth through and with the people that matter mot to you. Learn through the resistance

Organizational Tips

Want to start the organization of your home on your own? Edgeless offers tips and tricks in update emails and in before and after stories.


Online and in person classes are offered in 30 min sessions up to weekend retreats. Check out whats coming up to get involved today

live more life out loud

What Customers are Saying


The programming was surprisingly difficult and challenged all levels of my fitness.”


“My card reading gave me action items and a different perspective.”


“The organization of my house gives me the freedom to create the life I want.”

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