Customized Clearing Services

Consultations are Free

A consultation is conducted either in person or through video. We will talk through your goals. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about each other. I want you to be confident and comfortable with the decision you are making.

The plan will be to schedule and determine how we will customize the clearing work you want done. This can include goal setting, homes, business and the body.

GOAL: clean, clear, sell, donate, purge the different areas of your life until you feel confident in your surroundings.

a la carte clearing

During your consultation we will determine the best place to start and put together a plan to create alignment in your life. Packages are custom designed for each individual client.

  • Personalized system and organizational building of spaces in your house.
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Business efficiency optimization
  • Standard Operating Procedures development
  • Deep Cleaning – cars, homes, business
  • Personalized shopping for storage solutions
  • Donation delivery to designated location
  • Painting & wall paper
  • Teaching you to optimized your resale items
  • Light construction
  • Meet, ask questions and create a plan. Virtual 30 Minutes
Referral Program:
  • Every person you refer and completes 1 package, you receive 1 hour free towards your next package


60% Commission or I will teach you how to do this on your own.

the fine print

  • Downpayment of 50% due at time of booking.
  • Remainder of payment due at completion of each session.
  • Cash, Venmo & Check. Credit, invoice and Paypal 5% processing fee.

Let’s Get Started!