Before & After

Long Lost Friends

My dear childhood friend asked me to transform her extra spare room that had been labeled the lady den. Her husband couldn’t understand that we only got rid of a small bag of garbage! Loved to maximize this space so the entire family has more room for the future!

“Every time we walk into that room it’s like clear mind-space. Competitive rates and Raschel provides the mental support for transforming yourself as well as the room in an inspiring and creative way. Just do it. Your brain and home will thank you later. ”

Long Lost Friends


Storage Room Makeover

We needed more space for the remainder of the items coming from another basement! Flipped this space to functional room!

Laundry Room

Categorize and use what you have. You don’t need to buy all new baskets to have a space work for you. They look nice but are not necessary.

Business Storage

A florist asked me to come and look at her storage room. She was thinking she needed to move into a different shop to accommodate her collection of glass/candles/vases.

I was able to come in and rework her collection and make things flow better. She is excited she doesn’t have to move and can find her things quickly now!