Coaching – The Deep Dive

1 on 1 nutrition and fitness coaching-


If is our goal to have our fitness and nutritional clients at Edgeless Action to have the confidence first in their exercise routine and movement patterns, but to have the knowledge behind what they are doing and why. We want you to be able and, in that ability, grow stronger in all realms in which you need strength. We want to provide a community of like-minded individuals that can help support and propel you farther than you ever thought possible. We want to create that community, the common-unity of us all that want to go deeper, further, and harder than ever possible. That is what we want to offer you. The possibility for you to have a great and fulfilled life starting at the basics through fitness and nutrition.

Through Edgeless Action and our fitness and nutrition coaching we want your body, mind, and soul stronger than ever before.


Body – We train the body to be as strong in all ways for everyday life and whatever specific goal YOU as the client want. For the physical body we write programming specifically to you. You will have access to your own professional coach. He or she will take you from point A to point B, from what your body is like now, to what you want your body to become and achieve. Through your programming, nutrition, professional coaching, and work ethic, we will make your dreams come to reality.


Mind – This is crucial. It is very hard to have a strong body without a strong mind. That is where we want to help you not only with your physical goals, but in keeping you accountable to those goals. The body achieves what the mind conceives, we will be pushing your body and in that, your mind will be pushed. We will be talking about how your mindset has been and not shrug anything off as useless information because you are important and what you feel and say is important. In that, we learn to not allow our feelings to dictate our actions but use those feelings as fire for what it is you want to accomplish.


Soul – You are a soul with a body. We often allow our whole life to fly by us and not even give who we really are a second to breathe. Who are you? We want to help you dig down and see the amazement that is you!

Different 1 on 1 coaching possibilities –

Psychic, personal training, nutrition coaching, fitness programming, meditation classes.
Card readings – Sometimes answers are hard to see or find. In this 30 minute conversation you will be guided through cards that are individually picked for the situation you are working through. Come prepared with questions. You will walk away with guidance from the inside out to create the power in the situations, relationships and life you want to create.