Classes, Retreats, Seminars – Grow

One of our visions through what it is we believe we are here to do is to create community and to build each other up. With our retreats, classes, and seminars, we want to give you tools to make your life better. To give you freedom. To give you the power and knowledge to make your life and your community better!


We The Others

We The Others is a 12-week mastermind that has a goal to bring great minds together to become our best versions of ourselves. Through group zoom calls weekly, to one on one coaching with what is going on with many aspects of our lives, going through some tough subjects, all with one goal of growing and collaborating together to create our best life, together.

Retreats – the goal of our retreats is to give back in every way. We want to give information that you can use every day. We want to give you a new perspective on simple yet amazing things. We have had a stress management retreat, spiritual practice retreats, breath work, channeling, health and wellness retreats, all to make your life, your best and most fulfilled life.

Online classes – we offer online classes to teach you how to optimize and get the most benefit out of your time. we offer classes like meal prep, time management, how to eat healthy on a budget, vision boards, how to find your tribe, live workout classes, one on one personal training, and so much more!img_0134