Category: Mindfulness

Your Wings are Ready

Let’s collectively build lives we want to live unapologetically.

she is art.

Be the stand for her fierce.


The physical manifestation of your internal thoughts.

Why a gratitude list

Create more of what you want by being grateful right now.

What is anxiety?

Set yourself free, define the feeling and get into action.


This week I challenge you to say yes and start building #theYESandlife

Resolution vs. Intention

Set yourself free from the past, shift from setting resolutions to intentions.

Love Knows No Bounds

Love is like play dough in an open hand.

Wellness: Cheetah Print

After years of struggling with medical conditions I quit doctors all together and now 5 years later cheetah print spots are the starting point of working to live my best life.

Faith vs. Religion

It is not one or the other. It is a path and you have the choice to be light and love.