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Don’t Should On Me

Don’t let anyone “should” on you, and stop “shoulding” on yourself.

The PIMP grandma

My fabulous grandma passed away on 8.22.18. In her remembrance I am shooting these short videos to always remember the hilarious moments she gave me. Why I referred to my grandma as the pimp grandma: Cha cha cha And so it is

Vegan “Cheese” Sauce

This was an easy recipe that adds a lot of flavor to basically anything you want to put it on.

Cowboy Caviar

Fun, delicious, gluten free dip!

Fear of Failure = Sabotage

It is amazing what fear does inside your head and then how you act it out unconsciously.

My dad’s girlfriend died

She was the gift I didn’t know I needed.

Hairball on the street

A gross cat and hilarious blonde moment.

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

High volume, great taste: these zucchini boats are a great addition to any meal or a meal in themselves.

Make up your mind already

He may have had the body from the movie 300, but the back and forth just was not meeting my standards.

To those who wait

Please do not wait, take the leap!