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Faith vs. Religion

It is not one or the other. It is a path and you have the choice to be light and love.

Top 5: Online Dating Tips to “Hook” the One

My dateless date turned into an online dating tutorial.

It is all in the context

It is amazing how our way of being will change in fear of looking bad. And it is all in the context that you are putting around the relationship.

Flexible Dieting

What is “Flexible Dieting”?


If everything is inevitable, the path of least resistance is the one to flow with.

Fear is Excitement without Breath

Fear is holding you back! Take a breath, feel the excitement and take the unreasonable action.

Pimp grandma: Camel Toe

70+ and still worried about camel toe, one of my favorite Pimp-Grandma stories

Ready for the real reflection?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am not ready to see what you have to say


My go-to mixture for high volume, protein packed pancakes!
34C | 3F | 40P | 6Fib

Pimp grandma: Wrinkle Cream

Telling the pimp grandma the truth