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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is about using mindfulness to reach a state of attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues.

Mental Reps

Your body is incredibly adaptable. Your mind is inexplicably powerful. Put those two together and watch the fireworks.

Clean Your Junk Drawer

What if the messy bathroom drawer is the reason you haven’t booked a new client at work?

Apple Pie Oatmeal

Sweet and Nutty pie or oatmeal alternative.

Well-Being Workshop Instructors

Who are you instructors at the 2020 Well-Being workshop?

Well-BEing Workshop

1 day workshop full of techniques to live your best life

Soul with a body

You are not the body, the vessel is where you live.

Shit Not Going My Way

The day that kept spiraling down until I surrendered.

Venison Roast Tacos

Lean, delicious and multiple uses for a large chunk of meat.

No Clothes Shopping for 1 Year

I decided to take on the challenge of not buying clothes for an entire year. I “NEEDED” nothing, just a lot of wants.