Card Reading

Card Reading

I ended up getting what I was looking for and more. One of my questions I didn’t even ask but it was on my mind. Raschel ended up answering it in the middle of answering something else. I got some peace, encouragement as well as confirmation on things I was wondering about.

Justin W.

 Sometimes answers are hard to see or find. In this 30 minute conversation you will be guided through cards that are individually picked for the situation you are working through.

Come prepared with questions.

You will walk away with guidance from the inside out to create the power in the situations, relationships and life you want to create.

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WhoAnyone who is looking for direction or an answer to a question that will help steer the course of your life.
WhatDuring this video conference you will give Raschel a general update of where things are in your life. You will ask her questions and she will do the rest of the work.
WhereThe comfort of your home. These calls are scheduled through Zoom, Skype or Facetime. In person options depending on location.
WhenYou work directly with Raschel to schedule the best time for the two of you to connect. Schedule time to get logged into video and 30 minutes for the call.
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