Book Reviews

Bright Line Eating.

March 2020, Raschel Biagioli


Again my business coach came through with a surprise in recommending this book. Not only did it give me a lot of clarification of how and why I have approached this year of no sugar it gave me a whole new way to talk to people, clients and future customers. Setting your mind free by creating lines that you just don’t cross. So much freedom. Even if you don’t agree with the assigned food program I highly recommend reading this book for the science and understanding.

The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

January 2020, Raschel Biagioli

After reading Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening I dove into Cynthia’s other books. This book covered where different scripts differ in opinion on the evolution of the feminine presence in the bible. It goes into depth about missing portions and what Cynthia’s studies have brought her to believe. I really loved how this book brought out some of the eastern teachings that Jesus was conducting towards the end of his life. Beautiful book with lots of places to wonder and be curious about the evolution of the constructs of our beliefs.

Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening

January, 2020 Raschel Biagioli

My business coach recommended this book to me. At first I was seriously trying to understand why she would recommend a christian based book to me and yet I have it a chance. I loved the way it walks through the different religions and how to speak and use meditation to meet the needs and verbiage of where each person is at.

Women who run with the Wolves

February, 2020 Raschel Biagioli

A dear friend recommended this book and it was a completely unique and fun way to look at the feminine energy that woman carry. It also looks at what happens in our culture when the feminine is forced to conform and be “controlled.” A beautiful little book I recommended to anyone looking to tap into their creativity and freedom.

The Power of Now

January 2020, Raschel Biagioli

This book has been on my shelf and must reads for the better part of 10 years and I finally downloaded it and pressed play. I am a huge advocate of being present and it is what I teach all of my clients no matter what arena they come to me with for help. Find helpful tools for focusing and eliminating any fear mindset to completely allow and manifest in the current moment vs. getting caught up in the past and stories we assign ourselves.

Stress Less. Achieve More

August 2019, R. Biagioli

This book had a lot of piratical steps to take in order to change your habits to support living a life with less stress. One of the things that really stood out to me is that every mental and emotional change we go through will be accompanied with a change in our psychical state as well. Sometimes it might take time for all three to sync up and one of the three will always be resisting working to keep you in homeostasis or the comfort zone. Change and growth are pushing the boundaries and that to the ego and to the body are experienced as fear.

Getting the Love You Want

August 2019, R. Biagioli

A couple I look up to recommended this book for the tools for communication so it was an easy decision to download this one.

This was a quick read with A LOT of tools and things to try to work on communication with your partner. A lot of his examples are set up as if you needed counselling and these are all the steps to take to not end up there. Learning to hear your partner for what they need to be fulfilled in the relationship creates safety and understanding.


July 2019, R. Biagioli

This was my favorite book I read as a child because I am dyslexic and most of the words are made up so I could be free to create the pronunciations and the story as I wanted. My friends dad bought this book for his granddaughter but she is a few years from reading at this level. I devoured my favorite book while laying in the sun one summer day while enjoying my time with them at Greenlake, WI.

The Power of Vulnerability

July 2019, R. Biagioli

I loved this book. She is hilarious which makes it a fun read/listen. She talks about breaking down the lies we live into. Once we are completely honest and authentic with someone our level of connection increases and the relationships with others and ourselves will continue to rise.

The Way of the Superior Man

May & June, 2019, R.Biagioli


This is my #1 book I have ever read and I cannot say enough about it. The title may seem weird and not all the content will fit every person and I learned more about myself in this book that any other book. I liked it so much I listened to it twice in the same week.

Learning to understand your partner and yourself in a whole new light so you can communicate and be with them to foster all of their growth and passion. Creating an intimate relationship full of understanding, excitement and vulnerability. This book It completely opened me up to allowing myself to show up as the feminine more and stop forcing every situation to depend on the masculine traits for survival. I now feel able to communicate my needs and you can bet I am going to want every person I’m in a relationship with to also read this book. Great insight and this will be making a regular appearance to my library shelves.

Books I listened to and forgot to take notes on during my life transition:

Nonviolent Communication

May 2019, R. Biagioli

This is a MUST READ!!!

When we are listening to people we are listening and determining their level of wrongness. It takes work to observe without evaluation. When we come from a place of diagnostic listening we are hearing from our self fulfilling prophecy. Responsible = Response-Able. We are actually unable to control others in our lives and in result we can only be responsible for our actions and out vocabulary.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

April 2019, R.Biagioli

My favorite part of this book is the last 4 chapters. The book builds a fantastic basis of how habits are created all around us and we ultimately are always living out those patterns until we decide to change. the last 4 chapters walk you through a month of meditations to help create a new way of being and a new thought pattern so you can live a different way. AMAZING SCIENETIFIC READ! Full of quantum physics, mental clarity and choice.

The 6 Husbands Every Wife Should Have

April 2019, R. Biagioli

This was a fast book and perfect timing in my life. I liked that he walks through how relationships evolve in different phases of life. He focuses on how both men and women need to shift into a realization and compassion for the phases and needs of the other person.

“I promise to share my life with you as long as I live. To accomplish that I promise to change when my marriage needs me to change and grow when my marriage needs me to grow. I promise to be more than the spouse you need me to be today. I promise to be more than the spouse you need me to be today, tomorrow, and in the future. Life is about change and I promise to change.”

You are a Badass

February 2019, A. Fawks I loved the way the author writes in this book. It was an audio book for me and I believe the author was also the voice. It was funny yet super real. It was not anything really knew or profound but I loved how she made the book very real life. You are able to relate to this book. It was a very easy read or listen. It is a good reminder and a different outlook on some of the things I am currently studying.

May 2019, R. Biagioli

This was a fun quick book and exactly what I needed when moving through some termoil. I highly recommend this as a pick-me-up. Fierce & Fun.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

January 2019, R. Biagioli
This book was a fast listen, and was the perfect way to fire up a weekend. It covered the arena of being present and allowing yourself to release judgement. If you are going to be bold and have the life you want you are not always going to be everyone’s favorite person. You may not be the favorite but you will be loving your life.

Girl, Wash Your Face

January 2019, R. Biagioli

I resonated with the section that talks about being small and now that echoed into every aspect of her life. Keeping things small is comfortarable and when you’re trained from a small child to be seen not heard then you play that into your adult life to. Get out of your own way and own being Giant!

The Five Love Languages, Singles Edition

January 2019, R. Biagioli

I LOVED THIS BOOK. I may not be as christian as he talkes about in the book but the tools really taught me a lot about myself. I learned about my needs, how to communicate them but then also how to compromise to help others “fill their cup”.

The 4-Hour Workweek

January 2019, R. Biagioli

I liked this book so much that I have listened to it more than once. There are so many applicable tools in order to optimize your time. It shed light on the areas that I might be distracting myself. There is an entire section that talks about breaking free from the mondaine life that we were all trained to believe we had to live. In a lot of ways batch work has saved me. I now look at my week and see where I know my mental clarity will be the best and I put different types of work to fit my brain space.

Unfu*ck Yourself

January 2019, A.Fawks

My favorite part of this book was probably chapter 2. “I am willing”. The author talks about in chapter two owning up to what we do with our life. Our willingness to see life as it is now, and how willing we are to create something new if the current life situation is not producing the results we want. Our life as we have it right now is a bunch of choices that we were willing to make.

“Willingness is a state in which we can engage with life and see a situation from a new perspective. We cannot move forward until we are willing to make the next move.

“I am willing BUT” … Everytime you add the BUT to the end of that statement you turn yourself into the victim.”

There are nine chapters in total of the book but seven of those are personal assertions that are  the theme of each chapter. There are many inspirational quotes throughout the book as well.

The last chapter brings them all together and turns it all into action. He basically pushes you into action. I love his way or writing in that he pushes me. He pushes me into action and I need that from time to time. I think we all need that. I believe the author sees the need as well.

The Yoga of Jesus

January 2019, A.Fawks

One of my good friends recommended this book to me to answer some of my personal questions I had on my path this far. This book took a lot of Jesus’ teachings that I knew and understood and just gave me a different perspective on some things. I have always and always will love the teachings of Jesus and he was so full of love and shared so much love with the world. The book showed me the ways for why he came here, what he really wanted to show us in his parables. I love how the book also explains some basic teachings of Yoga and what that looks like. The awareness and consciousness that meditation and yoga bring and the practices in them.

I think my biggest takeaway I got from the book is that Jesus came down to teach us that we are all the sons of God. That through opening our mind and heart through yoga and meditation we can take these practices and use them to be more one with the divine.


February 2019, R. Biagioli

This book was full of the scientific studies that supported how success works. My favorite components talked about how to create high achievers with how to speak to the children in our lives. Instead of telling them how talented they are, talking to them about how hard their worked. Talent is not controllable and is an innate ability vs. effort, which is controlled by each person.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Worplace

February 2019, R. Biagioli

I liked the 5 Love Languages book so much that I immediately wanted to see how this same concept could change my view in my workplace. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with the culture at his or her job. I learned so many of my blind spots and how simple switches to my view can change everything at work.

A Higher Loyalty

February 2019, R. Biagioli

I got this book mostly by accident. I had no idea what it was about when I started and know little about our current policitical climate. The title pulled me in and I learned a lot about to tranform culture to be more relaxed but still acountable. James Comey takes a lot of pride in the work he did with our FBI and stands firm in his beliefs and lived every aspect of his life without compromise of those morals. I learned more about how our governement works and I am really happy that I read this one.

The Book of Joy

February 2019, R. Biagioli

Such a beautiful book. How to find and create joy in any situation. The writing was fantastic because it was a dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I listened to this book on audio and it was unique to hear about how our two different religions or thought processes can come together in order to express how each one of them finds joy. Their friendship can inspire others to be at peace. Both agree that joy is a choice and you can create it daily even in devastation.

The Power of Habit

February 2019, R. Biagioli

Another book full of scientific studies. Socieity and our community are a group of societal beliefs and habits. I love the idea that 40% of all of the decisions we make are actually habits we have put into action. In any habit you can test it to determine if it is a habit or an actual want. Determining if you are looking for the routine or the reward. Isolate the pattern, determine the location, the emotional status you are in before starting the patern, determine the time, are there other people involved with this habbit and what happened immediatly preceeding this action. Determine those and you can build a new routine and reward.

Modern Romance

February 2019, R. Biagioli

Aziz is one of my favorite comedians and I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I checked out this book. It was filled with information about our modern dating culture and the 100’s of studies he conducted with some scientists. This book is the consolidation of in person interviews and research conducted on the modern dating culture. It was a great combination of funny and insightful.