I am a “Mystic”

When I saw this photo of myself I was taken by the intensity. And, I immediately knew the intimidation, confusion and curiosity I have invoked in so many people along my path. And then, I saw this poem and so many things clicked for me. “Don’t date a Mystic if you want the life you … Continue reading I am a “Mystic”

Workroom Workover

This 3.5 hour transformation increased functionality and storage for all household and yard items. Check it out!

No Spending Challenge

A fun way to get connected with the people in your life, increase creativity and clear out the back of your cabinets.

Online Art Club

Summer schedule: 1x per month There is an art to convincing yourself you want to do something. For the past YEARS I have been telling myself that I wanted to get back into doing more artwork. Weeks, months and years would go by and I would only produce one piece, reluctantly. In 2021, I set … Continue reading Online Art Club


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About Me

Hi, I’m Raschel. I explore the dynamics of what it means to be human. I left my executive career in 2019 and decided to explore a year of being Random Raschel. In that year I learned more about freedom, travel, trust, abundance and humanity than the 15 years before. Now, I have no reason to look back. My goal of edgeless action is to ignite the potential in every client I work with so everyone has an opportunity to live more of your life out loud.

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