About Edgeless

Welcome; well-come to this journey about learning about yourself. The Edgeless Team is excited to be a part of your journey. We want you to find ways to clear a path. There is a reason you don’t have the life you want to be living. There may be something in your space, a gap in your fitness and nutrition or just need a guide to figure out your goals. 
Edgeless Action was created to help individuals live their life more powerfully. Take charge of life you are currently living ad make more of it apart of your dream life. Lets get your space to align with what you have going on in all the other areas of your life. Lets get you on a fitness and nutrition program that allows you the flexibility to enjoy life but also meet your goals. And lets create the opportunity for mindfulness and work each day towards achieving the goals and life that you want to be living vs. the one that is limiting you.
This is your opportunity to start playing the game of life. We are here to inspire, coach and host events and classes to help guide you to create the life they love.

Things to know about Raschel (Life Coach):

  • I am organized AF.
  • I am a boss lady.
  • Braids, chuck taylor’s and dresses are my thing.
  • I have been on more first dates than I’d like to admit.
  • I study the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.
  • I am a power lifter and fitness fanatic.
  • Food… I love it and love to cook.
  • I meditate every day.
  • I am a cat mom.
  • I spill, I have real Spillz Skillzzzzzz.
  • This life is a gift and I am guided in it.
  • CAKE! All types (Flour-less, ice cream, pan-cake, carrot, chocolate)

I was blessed to be raised by parents who never hindered my thought process. No matter what I wanted, they never held me back. They admit now, “Sometimes, I wasn’t sure how you were going to do it, but I never questioned. You always surprised us with your determination.” I now describe myself as passionately determined in one direction. Once I have my head and heart on something I trust that the universe will provide me the yellow brick road to get there. I also know that there will be a mountain, puddle, a trip, a blonde moment and many people on that yellow brick road.

Things to know about Ashley (Personal Trainer & Nutrition)

I am excited for who you are not yet but everyday becoming. The possibility of who you are going to be. 

I am loving you closer to whatever it is you are meant to be. Whatever you are passionate about it perfect. What is it you love? 

I am brave in growth. Forgetting what formerly was as it is an illusion, and inventing new every single day. 

I am grace. I live as today shall be my last and what has happened honestly doesn’t matter. It pushes me forward to be, be who it is I am meant to be and in that, is perfect beauty. 

If any of that resonates with you, I invite you to invest in yourself as I know for a fact you are more than worth it. 

Other things that I love are: 
* Lifting 
* Family 
* Friends 
* Listening 
* Writing 
* Journaling 
* Meditating 
* Church 
* Learning 
* Being open 
* Cooking 
* Growing 
* Being in all ways

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