About Raschel

Raschel Biagioli

I was blessed to be raised by parents who never hindered my thought process. No matter what I wanted to accomplish, they never held me back. They admit now, “Sometimes, I wasn’t sure how you were going to do it, but I never questioned. You always surprised us with your determination.” I now describe myself as passionately determined, unreasonable and sweet. Once I have my head and heart on something, I trust that the universe will provide me the yellow brick road to get there. I also know that there will be a mountain, puddle, a trip, a blonde moment and many people on that yellow brick road.

I am the leader of Edgeless Action. I originally went to art school and then took a 180 turn and studied Kinesiology and Business. I am certified in personal training, kettle bells, nutrition, breath-work and have been leading and coaching through my entire career. I specialize in organizing the spaces of your life so you have access to more of the life you want.

I believe the things in our lives are a refection of what is going on inside of us. You can clear the clutter inside out or outside in.

Clean up the mess and the other areas of our lives will also begin to clear up.

Psychology always follows physiology. In result we can change the status of our bodies through movement, breath-work or physically changing our spaces to create the access to the psychology.

creativity include and not limited to:
  • Professional Organizer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Breath-worker
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Kettlebell Specialist
  • Meditation Coach
  • Crystal Healer
  • Home Clearing
  • Systems Consulting
  • Artist
  • Construction
  • Closet Design

Edgeless Action

Edgeless Action was created to help individuals live their life powerfully. Reduce stress, heal trauma and take charge of life.
  • Partake in breath-work to heal trauma and experience peace in your body, mind and spirit.
  • Take action to align the organization of your space with what you have going on in all the other areas of your life.
  • Create a fitness and nutrition program that allows you the flexibility to enjoy life but also meet your goals.
  • Participate in incorporating mindfulness and action everyday towards achieving the goals and life that you want to be living.
This is your opportunity to start playing the game of life. We are here to inspire, coach and host events and classes to help guide you to create the life they love.