Workroom Workover

Today’s organization before and after is one of my favorites because we didn’t get rid of much and the whole project only took me 3.5 hours. The homeowner and I have worked together on other projects and in result she did not feel the need to work directly with me. This was her father’s workroom and it had not been touched since his passing.

  • 3.5 hours to complete.
  • No storage solution (bins) were used beyond what was found the the space.
  • 3 bags of broken items went into the garbage.
  • Bricks moved outside.
  • Wood pieces went out to the burn pile.
  • Chairs were moved to the deck.


The workbench had become a dumping ground and a mix of unfinished projects. Underneath couldn’t be used because of the stack of half used wood.

  • Bird feeders and food went into the outdoor and gardening section of he garage.
  • Cups and containers became storage spaces for categorized tools.
  • The wood was taken out to the fire-pit to be used as kindling for the summer.


The entry way was blocked by chairs that needed to be put out on the porch. There was a pile of bricks that were put next to the house for a potential future walking path.

Peg Wall

The peg was being used well when I walked in, just hidden behind other items. I added some other items that I found in other areas of the garage. Saws with saws, hammers with hammers, etc. The old folding chairs were donated and the leaf-blowers were hung up on the alternate wall with the other lawn care items.

Back Wall

The back of the garage was a cluttered mess.

  • Wood was warped from water and was taken outside to be disposed of.
  • All three ladders took the wood’s place.
  • Lawn care items were intertwined.
  • Shelving – 1 shelf for holiday items, 1 shelf for medium sized power tools, 1 shelf for tarps, 1 for water items and kid toys, and the bottom shelf is reserved for painting supplies.

The nuts and bolts

This wall was underutilized and inaccessible before. The biggest change was like-with-like and make things visible. All the oil together, paint together, bolts together, bungie cords, etc. All in containers easy to grab and put away.

Want your own garage transformation?

Take action, beyond the edge of reason.

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