Spirit of the “PIVOT”

Not much of 2020 has gone to plan for any of us. We have been forced into the spirit of the pivot. Life continues to move forward. The more you fight the system or what is happening the more you sit in frustration, misery, and an energetic pout.

What if everything that went wrong, you just saw it as an opportunity to pivot moving into the remainder of this year?

This week I received my own PIVOT pout and call to action. I was hired to complete my first closet and organization installation for an inventory system. My comfort zone is typically going into homes and business and creating system for organization with THE SHELVES and BOXES they already have! This was something completely new. I got to recommend a shelving unit, shelves, boxes, cubes, carts and colors! It was a lot of fun and NOTHING went as planned. I was over my head. I have put 100’s of anchors into walls to put up shelves and made 100’s of cuts, wholes, patches, etc. My skill level and frustration breaking point was NO match for the unforeseen concrete walls behind the dry wall. After an energetic melt down we “PIVOT”. I felt embarrassed because I typically can figure out just about anything and have experience in a weird amount of skills and yet knew I needed help.

We called in some help, I learned a new skill and the professional also was surprised and the depth of concrete behind these walls.

In the end, we got the job done, the day just didn’t look the way we originally anticipated.

Where have you been stopped?

Online school?
Allow the moments of frustration to occur and then maybe its the universe way of showing you how to recreate your home.

Canceled event?
Allow all the feelings to rise up and then shift into maybe there is a different option that is on your bucket list you can do NOW. “PIVOT!”

Closed gym?
Start researching opportunities for outdoor adventures and making your own equipment to get the results that you desire.

The yes and life is real.
The universe and our world is throwing up “no” everywhere and it is now our job to find our pivots.

Need some ideas? Let’s schedule a free consultation and get some of the other things in your life to work for you. Organization, health, mindset, goals!


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