How the Reoccurring-To-do-List Gives you Freedom

I never thought that creating reoccurring check lists was was a “different” way of living until I was talking to a mama that was having a hard time balancing everything on her plate. All of the seasonal house work that had got back logged on top of schooling and all the regular chore created panic for her.

Build it out, set the reminders to reoccur as often as you’d like and let your mind be free!


I have found the reoccurring to-do-list relieve my mind of a lot of stresses. You spend a lot of time “remembering” to do things and then you tell yourself “Oh, I’ll remember to do that later.” You ultimately forget that item or a space in your brain is saved for remembering tasks that need to be accomplished at a later date.

By implementing this system you are free to be more present.

The reoccurring to-do-list makes it so you no longer have to think about things that need to happen in the future, spend time working about something you forgot or feel guilty that you didn’t accomplish something someone asked you to do.


Reoccurring to-do-lists or plans are creating lists that remind you to accomplish a task in the future. This can be used daily and I have found this to be most useful for things that happen monthly, quarterly, and even yearly.

How it Works:

Use a system that works for you. iPhone reminders, tasks in google, google keep, sending yourself reoccurring emails, you calendar and the host of free list making applications available available on your phone.

Add reminders as you think of them.

“Remember to wipe down the baseboards.”

This is a task that doesn’t have to be done on a weekly basis and it would probably be good if you remembered to do it monthly or bi-monthly. Put this on a reminder and when it pops up, accomplish it and it will disappear for 1-2 months. You don’t have to think about it or save space in your mind for those reminders any more.

Ideas & Examples:

Home Ideas:- Bring the hose inside for winter- Buy salt for the ice storms – Clean the window sills – Dust the baseboards – Polish shoes

Corporate Ideas:

  • Annual Reviews
  • Expense Reports
  • Follow Up Phone Calls
  • Cold Calls
  • Cleaning your Desk

Weekly Ideas:

  • Sort the mail
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down 1 room and rotate through the house
  • Put away appliances used during the week

Monthly Ideas:

  • File receipts
  • Exchange holiday decorations
  • Scrub the oven
  • Connect with an old friend
  • Clean & organize 1 drawer

Quarterly Ideas:

  • Pay taxes
  • Cleaning the recycling and garbage bins out
  • Donate unused items from that quarter
  • Evaluate upcoming holidays

Biannual Ideas:

  • Change winter and summer clothes
  • Test the fire detector batteries
  • Clean the ceiling fan
  • Evaluate Amazon reoccurring purchases

Annual Ideas:

  • Clean the window sills
  • Buy leaf bags
  • Clean any silver
  • Polish shoes
  • Review goals
  • Wash curtains
  • Get rid of old beauty products

Get creative and let your mind be free!

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