ORGANIZED: The Farm House

Today’s before and after is the farm house.

This client hired me to transform her entire house and we ended up with about 60 hours.

Total, I’d estimate we donated about 5% of the beginning possessions.

Her children had assisted her with clearing out the kitchen for a remodel and all items had been moved into the basement and into the office. I came in during the final phases of the kitchen while this client was feeling overwhelmed about moving everything back into its permanent home. Her mother had also been living with her and passed away so we had a mixture of projects to ensure the home was back to a highly functional space for business, horses, grand kids and comfort.

4 things that helped this client most:

  1. Categorizing the entire house. All medical in 1 place, all electronics in 1 closet, all pool supplies in 1 bathroom.
  2. Slow and steady: I did about 1-2 rooms a day and 1-2 days per week, this allowed for her to adjust and ask questions along the way.
  3. Labeling: I knew where everything was but the client needed time to adjust so I labeled where things went so she could see if it worked for her.
  4. Adjusting: Just because the “system” works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for the client. I had to move things around after 1 week to fit the news of how she lives her life.
No reason to buy nice baskets when the garage is not a space that gets wet. Used what we had.
We moved medical items from all over the house into one main closet that is closest to where it will be used most often. Same idea with the boxes At some point baskets would be preferred and until you know the size and what you actually need these temporary boxes work great.

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