Well-Being Workshop Instructors

Lindsey Spencer

Lindsey’s movement journey began as a child, climbing trees and wrestling with her brothers. She began playing sports at a young age and continued on to become a Track and Field athlete at Utah State University. Since graduating with a Master’s Degree in Sport and Physical Education, she has competed in powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and MMA. Stepping away from the competitive arena, she is moving back toward the idea of free and natural movement and learning about its physical, mental and emotional benefits. Currently, she is a massage therapist and personal trainer who focuses on returning clients to full function so they can live their lives how they want to.

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Ashley Fawks

Ashley is a wife, mom or two plus one on the way. She has been a personal trainer and coach for the past 5+ years and over the past 2 has shifted more into the mindfulness space. Not only does she help her clients achieve their body composition and fitness goals she also uses her passion for meditation and journaling to help clients transform their way of being. She helps people shed false stories and create practices for real results. 

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Emily Collingwood

Emily is a practicing nutritional therapist. She assists people in discovering what improvements or changes one can make to their diet to improve their overall health and well being. Every client she works with is a bio-individual, meaning each person is unique with highly individualized nutritional requirements. She customizes plans for people who are trying to navigate a diagnosis or just wanting to be healthier overall. Her passion for her work comes from her love of witnessing positive changes in her client’s lives!

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Slater Murphy

Soon to be Dr. Slater Murphy is a Chiropractor, Author, Spiritualist, and Bodybuilder. He is driven by the passion to upgrade and energize lives through spines.The entirety of his purpose is designed around narrowing the gap between The Present and The Potential. His passion for humans living at their optimal is expressed in healing methodologies, movement, nutrition, supplementation, & mindset practices.

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Raschel Biagioli

Raschel’s journey is a lifetime of creativity, exploration and organization. She took her first organizational job at the age of 7 and it has spiraled into a creation of its own. She creates systems that are sustainable in people’s lives so they can live more of their dreams. Organization comes in many different context, basements/closets, boundaries in relationships, meal prep, calendar organization, etc. Since graduating with a degree in Kinesiology she has explored fitness, nutrition, meditation, leadership, business, mindfulness, art, and adventure. This renaissance woman is here to host a day of inspiration and allow you to begin the journey of unexpected results with the accountability you’ve been looking for.

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