Why a gratitude list

Everyday I get out my journal. Sometimes I know what I’m going to write. Sometimes I have no idea.

Something I have been challenged to continue to implement is the practice of gratitude in the form of a list.

We all have things that make us frustrated and mad. Annoyed or upset. Taking the time to sit and really find the things to be grateful can be hard at times. But with practice, you will be able to find those things much quicker, much faster.

You attract who you are. Do you want to attract people who are angry, sad, upset, self-centered? Or you can begin you be proactive and choose your thoughts. Choose what you are grateful for. Bring more of that into existence by being that.

I invite you to start your day with one thing you can focus on and be grateful for. Where do you feel that gratitude? Where can you focus that gratitude? The more you focus on gratitude and being thankful, the more things will show up to be grateful and thankful for.

They also don’t have to be huge things to be grateful for. It can be finding gratitude in the small things. Like this beautiful dirty chai that I’m incredibly grateful for as I write this blog post.

Try it out.

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