Frustration, what is it?

Frustration is a judgement and a resistance to something that has already taken place and now, is in the past. By pulling your experience of something that has happened in the past you are pulling your pain with you. This pain is your experience of frustration.

Changing the past is not an option. Spending your time thinking about how you re-do or change the past is not only a waste of your mental space but it is a waste of your time. You don’t have to fear it happening again if you take action.

The external frustration

The external frustration is something that happened to you, around your or because of you in your environment. You are physically or mentally getting upset because of remembering that. If it happened 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago… either way it is in the past. You can reclaim your frustration and energy by getting into action and clean up the mess. By communicating about your experience what happened internally and what you want in the future you have created change vs. the internal argument that you are experiencing.

If you are afraid of what that person might say… give that up. That is literally made up in your head and if you don’t communicate about your experience then you are stuck in the frustration. The worst that happens if that person gets upset and either way it is off your chest and that confrontation is also now in the past.

The internal battle

If your frustration is an internal battle, then you are out of alignment with a commitment you set up for yourself. The same idea, you get the opportunity to clean up the mess. You cannot change what you did but you can change how you show up and the story you tell about yourself moving forward. Is the goal not realistic, do you need a new time frame, is it something you still really want? You cannot change the past, you only can release the frustration and change the circumstances, the commitment and then communicate it as the new possibility.

You only can control your experience in the now.

Frustration is eliminated through action.

Whatever your reason is for sitting in your frustration, it is now your choice to do the unreasonable and show up/ speak up and be your integrity.

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