Faith vs. Religion

Religion is not an enemy. It is a structure that gets us from point A to B and can bring humans a form of enlightenment. As all humans rise in this collective consciousness of unity old systems are weakening. Many of the systems created were at a time in humanity that order was needed for survival.

“Righting” or “wronging” religion is judging the way that human has chosen to rise. You have the choice to drop the judgement and stand in just loving and knowing that each human will find their path.

The enlightenment and the rising that we are experiencing is humanity entering into this true function of love.

Each human is on a spectrum towards enlightenment and the rising.

That collective consciousness is shifting from religion to just being. Religion has always given humans a place to come together. Humans are now stepping outside of the bounds from which the rules constrain to a place where we can simply just exist and find the nature of which humans can connect.

By nature we judge and it takes courage to stand outside of those judgments. Life is outside of us. The stories that run through our brains are just that. Existing and being instead of doing is outside of us.

As humans, we only know the right the wrong, yes and no, better and worse. It is our nature to categorize. It takes work to drop the category and just be.

By accepting our nature and recognizing our nature we can break free from it.

Accept the fact that we assign meaning to every action around us. After recognizing, we get to define the future meaning and how we live into them.

Let go of trying to control somone’s experience in religion or not. Show up exactly as the light that you are. They may choose to follow or ponder. If not today, you will enlighten them or show them a path in their future.

Love is not limited and knows no bounds. You don’t love one person, just like you do not love one child more than you love another.

Don’t waste your light on frustration or control. Recognize the emotion (joy, frustration, irritation) as an emotion and move on. Emotions are not you. They are a human experience. Instead, channel that energy to take an action that inspires you.

And so it is.