Make Life Interesting not Perfect

All we have is this exact moment. Sit and think on that for a minute. Silence the little voice inside you and really just be.

3 deep breaths.

By always trying it make things perfect you are limiting yourself. There is only right now. Be free from the could, should, woulda of life and step into now. Be free from yesterday, 5 minutes ago and even tomorrow.

The concept of “perfect” is the judgement of the way things are in this moment. You can strive for greatness but looking for the imperfections of the moment is assigning the meaning of not good enough.

I challenge you to set yourself free and just go live all of life.

Making life interesting is on the edge. Perfect is safe. You get to edit, spend your time pondering and judging on the ways the past, the present or worry about the future isn’t the way you dreamt.

Take one step beyond the edge of reason and stepping into he right now of the situation.

Interesting is no going to be pretty but it is going to be worth it.

Don’t miss out on life and don’t grow old with any regrets for the things that you missed out on.

And so it is.

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