The universe knows no other way than the way of inevitability. If you set your intention and work on your positive mindset the universe only knows how to align you with that exact manifestation. If you go there often, feel what it is really like to already experience that then the universe knows you are really alligned with that as your truth. They will provide the how, the people, the places, the education, the money to make each one of these happen for you.

By spending your time on the how instead of the what you are giving the universe mixed signals and will slow down the inevitability of manifestation.

This is why vision boards can be a powerful tool, they are not filled with the how of the world, the how i will get that money, how i will get that relationship. They are only filled with the images that inspire you. The more you can go into each one of them and put yourself into the feeling of already having that experience the faster you will be given the path to success.

Inevitability will also work in your favor on the fastest course if you pick up on the synchronicity that the universe is trying to give you. Where you recommended to see the same doctor 3 times? Did 2 people in the same hour tell you about why they recommend you travel to another state? These are signals of the least resistance. I like to think of this as you standing in a rushing river. Either way you are going to end up downstream. Are you trying to plant your feet and swim upstream to get to the edge of the river to walk to the nearby city? This will teach you lessons and probably build some strength but how much faster would you end up at the city downstream if you would have just relaxed and grabbed the nearest log and floated to the same city?

Pick up on the signals the universe is giving, follow them out of curiosity and the path to your inevitable will be enlightened.

Questioning why things happened in your past is also an energy drain and is a step backwards. Stop spending all of your time reflecting and start spending your time watching for the next step to move forward. Clean up old messes with people and step into the possibility of being your word and showing up differently vs. the way you may have acted in the past.

The choice is yours.

All of the dreams, the challenges and next steps are inevitable.

The path of least resistance will be yours for the choosing.

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