18 Week Transformation/Progress

I have done macro counting in the past but a big shift in my life made me reach out and hire a new coach. I joined Hybrid Performance Method Nutrition 18 weeks ago. I was blessed to be paired with coach Greg Sutton. With all the shit that has come up between work, rage, police departments, traveling and finally falling into a place of growth he has “stood” by my side and supported me to find the strength within. He changes me macros and makes me laugh weekly.

There is about an 18lb difference between these two pictures.

My current macros are: 165C | 48F | 175P | 25Fib

Things I’m consistent about during this process:

  1. Lift 5-6 days per week. I spend about 1-1.5 hours lifting in the evening after work.
  2. Do low intensity cardio 1-5 days per week either before work or in the form of short walks during my work day.
  3. Meditate daily.
  4. Get a massage once a month (I have been a member at Massage Envy for about 10 years).
  5. Currently see a chiropractor 1 time per week (recent injury in my hip/back). Cal, you have saved me!
  6. Drink a minimum of 150oz of water per day.
  7. Coffee! Every day!
  8. Pancakes a minimum of 1 day per week.
  9. Sleep 4-9 hours per night.
  10. . Find a way to play every day: (Reading, pulling cards, laughing, painting, good sex, cooking something new, listen to loud music, wear pretty underwear, plan a trip, call a friend you haven’t talk to in months, find a new meme and share it).

The joureny is not over and this transformation contines. Follow me today for workouts, funny stories, recipes and mindfullness.

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