Recently my coach had changed up my schedule so I was not lifting at a new day than ever before. I went to the gym to get my work done. In the midst of lifting I notice someone I had never seen before. (New time… not so bad?!?)

He was tall, well built, was serious about his lifting session and a great smile… wow!

AND… he was doing a pull up correctly! (In the fitness world, people that have great form are cross your legs worthy).

We had made eye contact a few times during the remainder of my workout.

At the end, he followed me to the drinking fountain and asked about my training, where I was from and we started to talk about meal prep. (In my brain, “O.M.G. WOW”). He asks for my SnapChat name and I go on my merry way.

The next week was filled with lots of messaging back and forth to get to know each other. We schedule a lifting date for after I am done teaching a major class I had spent the better part of a week studying for.

The lifting date day comes. We meet at the gym and he follows my routine for the day. It was a lot of fun and good conversation the entire time. I was not quite sure about him because I was working on form and he kept trying to get me to push to a point where injury may have been possible. During the lift he had asked me what I had planned the remainder of the evening. I stated that I needed to get some things done now that my class was over and likely go to bed early because I had to work very early in the morning.

We were near the door and he says, “let’s go.” I kind of stutter and say, “Well I still have things in the locker room.” I go and grab my items and he holds the door for me on the way out of the gym.

Outside he points out his car and I point out mine.

Rico says, “Well, lets go.”

Me, “Umm, what?”

Rico, “Your coming over to shower, right?”

Me with a blank, wowed stare, then a shudder in a sheepish shocked no thanks voice, “uh, no it’s okay, I didn’t bring anything with me to change into.”

Rico, “That’s okay, you can borrow some of my clothes.”

Me with bright wide eyes, kind of side stepping away, “No that’s okay, I am going to go home today.”

Rico-no-so-suave was VERY stunned that I had turned him down and continued to message me like nothing weird had happened. Flash forward to a few days later, I saw him in the gym. I had a bit of terror in me, I was the only girl around but I also knew most of the guys in the gym at the time would protect me. I put my COLD barrier of energy around me. He kept playfully bumping into me but I just put myself into work mode.

In the midst of pulling 330 for sets in the middle of the gym, Rico comes over and asks, ” Did I say or do something to offend you?” Inside I couldn’t believe he had no clue, I also really wanted to say “REALLY? I AM NOT HAVING THIS CONVERSATION IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GYM!”.

I settled for, “I am just really working hard today.”

Next time, I will be looking for someone bold and will walk right up to me and ask me for my number but… maybe hold on the shower.

And so it is.

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