Just… Put a Fork In It

Dating per usual this one we will call Just.

Just started out good. And then became Just …fill in the blank with one or all  (Jack, Annoying, Typical, Lack of follow through, Weird, Quiet).

I met Just online and we chatted for about 3 weeks every day all day before we scheduled a date. We decided to meet downtown to find some live music and a drink. It was a BEAUTIFUL Saturday evening in early September.

I had told him to surprise me and he was having a hard time making a decision so I shared my trick of cleverly caring a giant .50 piece that I flip to make decisions. We laughed that both of us do the same thing and used the coin to make many of our decisions that evening.

The evening started with a bar that typically has lots of music but this particular day it was a dead!

Plan B: He surprised me by loading me up into his truck and taking me to a martini bar near by. We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves. We sat there and had 2 drinks while talking for over 2 hours. We decided to head back to downtown to continue our ventures.

A few drinks later he was distraught that I can’t eat bacon when it came to a late night snack. We found some live music outside on a patio and had an adorable and romantic first kiss. We danced, we laughed, we touched and it was a lot of fun. This night he made it very clear that he hates when girls just fall off the face of the earth and don’t clarify if they’re interested or not in a week or two.

Points that were awesome: We both love fitness (i’m a power lifter, and here is a kickboxing fanatic. This was a bit strange to me but I was just happy that he had something that kept him going and that he was into trying to keep himself healthy ). We both had an equal love for food and fun. He didn’t have a lot of family and was open to moving. He likes cats and was a lot of joy!

He walked me home, met my cat and had a memorable ending to a first night. He asked if he could see me the next day.

He forgot that he had plans with a friend the next day but made up for it by inviting me over for dinner the next day. He would cook for the two of us. Jokingly and joyfully out here asked me to flip a coin in order to determine what we would have. I went to the gym, showered and headed over. I was SO happy to find out his house was clean! And organized!

It also was very clear that he was divorced. “She” painted neutral tones and then there was GIANT lime green wall in the living room.
This night he surprised me with a coffee encrusted steak, vegetables and my favorite wine. The evening continue with many other surprises and fun and just plain fun. It’s always entertaining to find out that someone’s favorite show is Planet Earth.

The following evening he asked me to come over after I was done teaching. I had so much fun the previous night that I was glad to comply. I walked in the door and he hugged me and asked me to stay. He got a contact case out for me and he was adorable and a great snuggler. I hadn’t planned on it, so I didn’t eat enough food or take allergy medicine. I slept for about an hour and then woke up because my stomach was growling soooooo loud and cramping and I was unable to breathe. I let myself out and laughed all the way home.

I was going home literally to eat!!! Very power lifter cliché of me. Only I, only I would go home because I’m too hungry.

I was headed out of town for a conference and we chatted in between my sessions. I said, “I will be home tomorrow, if you would like to see me this weekend.”  He replied, “I definitely want to see you!”  I had a giant grin on my face for the remainder of my conference.

Definitely, turned into definitely not.

He basically made up a bunch of excuses about how he was too tired from work or wanted to stay in. I even offered to cook dinner for the two of us and he just never replied.

Finally Sunday morning he sends me a long list of apologies. Saying that he got all caught up in his head, he possibly would be moving and that he was interested but didn’t want to get overly attached. I promptly replied with, “If you don’t want to see me please just let me know so I can move on.” He said, “No, exactly opposite I am sorry and I can’t wait to see you.” I was surprised after the lack of communication from the previous days.

We made plans for the following evening. I would cook for him and we were going to watch a movie.

The following day it turns out that he didn’t have to work. He had the entire day off and I had a day of insanity at work. I have the kind of day were I had to talk to the cops twice before 9 AM and I change my clothes six times.

I got home and he was there by 530. I cook dinner for the two of us and we curled up on the couch to watch a movie. I had worn tiny shorts and a tank top because he’s had made fun of me at that I’m dressed up. The previous time he saw me as soon as I get off of work. This time I went for the more casual, cuddle look.

At about eight, he looks at his phone and determines that he doesn’t have to work tomorrow. Now in my brain, I think WOW,  this guy doesn’t have to work, I’m dressed adorable and we can spend more of the night together.

He on the other hand, at 8:40 says, “Well, I’m going to go home and go to bed.”

I’m pretty sure I looked at him with some sort of blank stare and in the back of my eyes I was saying, “Really? REALLY? You’re going home? I’m beautiful, sexy and you don’t have to work tomorrow? What is wrong with you or what is wrong with me?”

He went home and snapped a picture of himself in bed. And basically, I have not heard from him.

The following two days,?I asked some questions and I got one word answers.

Finally a week later, I stated, “Good luck, stop being caught up in your head when good things come to you.”  He did exactly to me what he said that he hates that girls do to him.

I’m done and put a fork in it.

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