100 Days of Happy

100 Days of Happy is exactly what it sounds like. For 100 days you post/share a picture, website, quote, video, song, experience, etc. of something that brings you joy.

It is a living, breathing gratitude journal.

If you have struggled to write down the things that brought you joy this might be the perfect thing for you. Most people have taken pictures, sifted through the internet or spent countless swipes on Pinterest. Share these inspirations with your community. The days do not have to be consecutive. Give yourself the grace, you may forget one day and then you just pick up where you left off and keep sharing.

Follow Up & Goal:

The next goal, each week invite someone in your community to also take on the 100 Days of Happy. This way the project lives on and you are surrounding yourself with people that are all experiencing more gratitude, joy and creating a freedom to share be vulnerable in conversations and have a more joyous filled social media feed.

How this project got started:

This project was built out of the Landmark Worldwide, Self Expression and Leadership Program. I wanted to look for ways to experience more happiness and gratitude. I also wanted to share more of myself with my communities and utilize social media to express more. At the same time I needed a push to post more through social media for the business.

How to get started:

Take the below picture, post it on your social media and tell your community what you are venturing into and what you are wanting to experience by taking on this 100 days. Don’t forget to tag @edgelessaction

Bonus Extra Credit:

Want more “feel goods?” Use the below picture in your Instagram story. Fill it out with the things that you have experienced in your day. Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge yourself and this really brings awareness to how awesome of a human you are.

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