holistic coaching is like the game of dominos. yOU PICK THE STARTING POINT, you take action AND THEN THE DOMINOS BEGIN TO FALL INTO PLACE.


The body is the vessel and house we live our lives in. Using exercise, Breath-work, meditation and sound healing we can reduce stress in your lives and allow your physical form to begin to align with you goals.

How you approach fitness, is how you approach life.


Your external spaces are a reflection of your internal space. Clearing your space of clutter and items that no longer align with your goals will allow you to have a clear mind so you can have more time for the goals and priorities in your life.


A coach is someone that ensures you see what you don’t want to see and hear what you don’t want to hear so you can have the life you didn’t know you could have.

Let’s make space for what you really want.

Sometimes customized coaching looks like cleaning out the basement on day 1, creating a vision board on day 2 and climbing a mountain on day 65.

R. Biagioli

Where desires align with your goals, and goals align with your actions.



Healthy recipes that are quick and easy for you and your family. Customize the ingredients to determine the quantity you need.


Adventure retreats are a combination of internal work and external challenges. Hiking, meditation & exploration.

Coming in 2022!


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Online and in person classes are offered in 30 min sessions up to weekend retreats. Check out whats coming up to get involved today.


What Customers are Saying:


The programming was surprisingly difficult and challenged all levels of my fitness.”


The magic of manifestation is not the wand but the hand that lifts to take action. Bold requests, definite action, and a clear plan of attack. 

She sees the potential in the spaces creating order where there is none. 

She sees the potential in the person and holds space. 

She calls forth order with kindness snd compassion all while working diligently her systems in mind, body, and spirit. 


I strongly recommend Raschel’s training services to anyone in my situation, it is wonderful having someone experienced and knowledgeable creating a tailored plan to assist you in your fitness goals. Her rates are incredibly reasonable and well worth it. 

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