Taking Action Beyond the Edge of Reason

There are the reasons you do not have the life that you want. We are here to help you find your edge of reason and take action.

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The Wellness Way

Brain fog, inflammation, spots on my skin, gas … what is wrong with me? Regular doctors just give me antibiotics, there had to be another solution.

Intermittent Fasting Meal Prep on the Go

Example of what I eat and when to hit goals

Love Knows No Bounds

Love is like an open hand filled with Play Dough.

Meal Prep, Meat Production

Take the guess work out of Monday with this mass, protein production how-to. h

The way you do fitness, is the way you do life.R

However you are currently “doing fitness” or how you approach your health is also how you are showing up in all aspects of your life.

Cheetah Print

For many years I have struggled with my health and wellness. From the outside I am put together, fit and “well”. The reality is that I have struggled. I have strugged with skin conditions, hormone inbalances, immune suppression, and digestive problems.

Relgion VS. Faith 

Are you experiencing resistance or termoil when thinking about religions that may not be your own? How do you set yourself and others free?

Read on for hope and love.

Thank you to everyone who particpated in our first Thrive – Strees Managment Retreat!